The ballot and the bullet

America is just as much a colonial power as France ever was. Because the civil rights legislation is supposed to guarantee boarding rights to Negroes from those states. Well, we going to do the same thing, only our gospel is black nationalism.

Revolutionary Paideia

They just have slaves and people who are free! When the government of Portugal began to trample upon the rights of our brothers and sisters in Angola, it was taken before the U.

Religion will keep us fighting one another, instead of our common enemy. This is a government filibuster. Malcolm X is now popularly seen as one of the two great martyrs of the 20th century black freedom struggle, the other being his ostensible rival, the Rev.

Charter because of its mistreatment of the human rights of Jews in Russia. Of the 20 congressional committees that run the government, 12 of them are in the hands of southern segregationists. But you will let anybody come in and control the economy of your community, control the housing, control the education, control the jobs, control the businesses, under the pretext that you want to integrate.

Henry Holt,n. An old woman can sit. Any kind of dilly-dallying, that's the government. He made you think you were going somewhere and you end up going nowhere but between Lincoln and Washington. He tells you, I'm for separation The ballot and the bullet you for integration, and keep us fighting with each other.

Religion will keep us fighting one another, instead of our common enemy. Malcom X was released in after six years in prison. Racists, white supremacists, who belong to the Democratic party but disguise themselves as Dixiecrats.

To show that he's all right. Are you better off today, economically, than inor how about in ? The playing and foolishness is over!

The ballot or the bullet explains itself. Sources cited[ edit ] Cone, James H. At the same time, the speech indicated that Malcolm still supported Black nationalism and self-defense and thus had not made a complete break with his past. They got a thing they call gerrymandering. And those Uncle Toms can't pass up the coffee.

But the political and economic philosophy of black nationalism…the economic philosophy of black nationalism shows our people the importance of setting up these little stores, and developing them and expanding them into larger operations.

The blazing heat of Malcolm X's rhetoric sometimes overshadowed the complexity of his message, especially for those who found him threatening in the first place.

Every nation on the African continent that has gotten its independence brought it about through the philosophy of nationalism. The speech[ edit ] Malcolm X began his speech by acknowledging that he was still a Muslim, but he quickly added that he didn't intend to discuss religion or any other issues that divide African Americans.

Malcolm X far overshadowed his mentor in the public sphere. So how in the world can the Democratic Party in the South actually side with you, in sincerity, when all of its power is based in the South?

So any future coalition should not waste valuable time trying to court anyone, including Hamat Bah, in my opinion! All of us catch hell from the same enemy.

Of the 20 congressional committees that run the government, 12 of them are in the hands of southern segregationists. It is nationalism that brought about the independence of the people in Asia. It started out just a little rat-race type operation.

If they're going to draft these young black men, and send them over to Korea or to South Vietnam to face million Chinese… [laughter, applause] If you're not afraid of those odds, you shouldn't be afraid of these odds. Now you tell me why the leaders of this struggle have never taken [recording impaired ] [their case to the U.

A Dixiecrat is nothing but a Democrat.Yes, they were treated unfairly, but that still doesn’t mean they can establish their own rule to create their own rights. This goes back to our title, The Ballot or the Bullet.

He seems to feel that if the ballot fails, then violence is the only alternative. The Ballot or the Bullet Digital History ID Author: Malcolm X Date Annotation: In this speech Malcolm X described how Blacks should fight for civil-rights in America.

Malcolm X emphasizes the worth of voting as a solution to ending discrimination against Blacks. On April 12,one month after splitting with the NOI, Malcolm X gave his “Ballot or the Bullet” speech at King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit (he’d given the address nine days earlier in Cleveland, but the Detroit version is regarded by some scholars as definitive).

Malcolm Speaks: The Ballot or the Bullet

So it's time in to wake up. And when you see them coming up with that kind of conspiracy, let them know your eyes are open. And let them know you -- something else that's wide open too. It's got to be the ballot or the bullet. The ballot or the bullet. The Ballot Or The Bullet Summary SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

"The Ballot or the Bullet" Malcolm X Delivered 12 April, in Detroit (USA) Mr. Moderator, Reverend Cleage, Brother Lomax, brothers and sisters, and friends and I see.

The ballot and the bullet
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