If i become a priminister for

Possibly an envoy for the middle east. In a democracy there are no menials and ministers no peons, no premiers. Send in the military. Try to use diplomacy to free the prisoners. Why the Big Lie?

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It just boggles the mind. The nation will have its own religion or will be atheist. Unemployment, terrorism, poverty, ingnorance all problems are also due to lack of education and population. With the help of education and required traning jobs can be created. We should negotiate with the country to try and stop further expansion and make sure that their people are happy.

Internal strength depends on the economic development of a country. Nowadays in public school curriculums and textbooks Hitler and the Holocaust are covered and re-covered each year ad nauseum, but atrocities like the Bolshevik revolution and Holodomor are completely skipped over. The Israelis know what is going on all the time.

They have not been electrified until now. The alleged extent of their persecution quickly aroused sympathy for the Jewish national homeland they had sought for so long; after the War the British Government did little to prevent Jewish emigration to Palestine which they had declared illegal, and it was not long afterwards that the Zionists wrested from the Government the land of Palestine and created their haven from persecution, the State of Israel … To date, the staggering figure of six thousand million pounds has been paid out in compensation by the Federal Government of West Germany, mostly to the State of Israel which did not even exist during the Second World Waras well as to individual Jewish claimants.

It means that the person, who is to become the Prime Minister, must have a strong and long active political career. The power of political pressure.

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I will change the official religion from Christianity. We need to bring our country into this age. Unable to even buy back their own coal from the "allies," factories began closing and thousands of Germans became unemployed.

Change the name of the party and get a symbol to represent it. Sanhedrin 55b A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old. It has given rise to inter-caste fights, quarrels, communal riots and disturbances. Promise to give the people more rights: Open textbook system of examination followed by viva-voce test will be introduced at all levels.

No person who is not educated up the matriculation stage, will be allowed to contest an election. MUhammad Ijaz Malik thank you for putting this topic.

I would make the registration of marriages compulsory and devise effective means to eradicate the evils of dowry.Learn more about the proposed reforms to Canada’s Immigration System under the leadership of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

If I were Prime Minister for a day

I heard a case about a father, living overseas, who was billed £12, for child maintenance by the Child Support Agency (CSA) when he returned to England. Jan 28,  · Try to speak the truth, give out your ideas how you identify the problem and what strategy you have as a Prime Minister to bring the country out of problems.

Where do you think the fault actually lies and see if the majority agrees with your ideas. That is the democratic way to go. Most answers here are Insane, you cannot pass or repeal even a single Law with in one day, It takes days, months and some times even years to pass a law or repeal a law.

Even if it is passed in both the houses, for the law to get its immunity it r. Our tours are physically active! It's an essential part of the Rick Steves tour experience.

On our Best of Barcelona & Madrid in 8 Days. A Day I Will Never Forget 1. The day of December 1, is a day I will never teachereducationexchange.com was a Friday. I was involved in a car accident that changed my view on life.

The accident was the scariest experience I had ever had in my life. The day had started out too good to end the same. It was something about the day that didn’t sit right in my stomach.

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If i become a priminister for
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