Embryonic stem cell research argument essay

A study by Isabelle Mansuy and colleagues illustrates some of the problems that I see with this literature. If some top schools would get together and invest in the cloning of top individuals they would make their own future students and get a lot of rent from them later.

Researchers also hope to use specialized cells to replace dysfunctional cells in the brain, spinal cord, pancreas, and other organs 2. Odds are, you would be in favor of ending the suffering of the thousands of people who currently battle such diseases.

Both have immoral consequences: These cells have the ability to repair almost any part of the human body, and that is what makes embryonic stem cells so special. Mahonhad held the district for the Democratic Party since Supporters of embryonic stem cell research argue that the research is justified, though it requires the destruction of an embryo, because of the potential for developing cures and preventing unavoidable suffering.

Therefore the brain should be seen as a bioelectrochemical collaboration. One example is the previously stated method of using embryonic stem cells to repair damaged tissue or organs. Issues in Biomedical Ethics. Because stem cells have the capacity to regenerate, particularly ESCs, they have ushered in the era of "regenerative medicine," signaling that, in theory, these cells can be used to regenerate human tissues and cells, and ultimately increase quality of life and the human life span.

Embryonic stem cell research stood out as a current issue that would be interesting to evaluate in the form of a researched essay.

Additional tests of sensitivity to stress showed an effect in first-generation females but this time in second-generation females, while males showed no difference. See this xkcd cartoon for a great illustration. Kant was attempting to objectify morality, to take it away from our subjective desires or selfish interests.

The Moral Status of the Foetus:

We should act in such a way as this moral parliament would vote as a law binding all members, with everyone having one vote and not more than one vote. Though the majority of critical voices appreciate the effort to discover and develop cures for the benefit of suffering individuals through stem cells, they promote utilizing stem cells derived from sources other than human embryos, arguing that such research will not cause harm to another human being.

Similar to Eckman, opponents of embryonic stem cell research believe that life begins at conception, the moment a sperm fertilizes an egg, and consequentially the destruction of a week-old human embryo is the destruction of a life.

I hope I managed to give an objective overall view. If one continues to think this through the rich gene-enhanced people could someday be the most powerful ones and rule over the others. These studies also suffer from an additional possible confound — the possibility that interacting with a stressed or strung-out male animal will alter the behaviour of the female, post-mating, so that maternal care is also changed.

Suppose it can be established by observation, because we are Aristoteleans that this function is actually primary for two humans to mate successfully they must actually enjoy each other! On the other hand, a healthy level of skepticism is usually a good idea, especially in cases where such discoveries are not attended by strong evidence.

The retiring member, George H. It obliges us to love God and our neighbour, to accept the true faith, and to offer worship. Such a claim elicits ardent objections from those who do not support embryonic stem cell research. I will start with a definition of cloning. Of course the gene- enhanced will have a lot of advantages in life since they were given special talents.

When tasked with the assignment of writing a rhetorical essay that evaluates a point of ethical controversy, Belin wanted to choose a topic that relates to her interest in Bioengineering. The opposition to contraception has the consequences of overpopulation and thespreading of a deadly disease.

The healthy cells are implanted into the patient, serving as treatment to permanently repair failing organs Holland 5. The pineal gland secretes hormones that modulate the state of consciousness. By extension we might argue that by performing abortions we injure the community. This is a complete fallacy.

When does life begin? These stem cells can renew themselves and reproduce to form all cell types of the body.Learn and research biology, science, chemistry, biology, physics, math, astronomy, electronics, and much more.

Sample Essay on the Argument Against Stem Cell Research and Cloning

teachereducationexchange.com is your scientific resource and internet science PORTAL to more than 20, science sites. Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay - Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Embryonic stem cell research is a highly controversial topic in today's society, this kind of stem cell commits to regenerate any type of tissue.

Unfortunately, Embryonic Stem Cell Research has a dark side. To obtain these cells will kill the embryo automatically.

Stem Cell Research Persuasive Essay

Stem cell research is one of the most controversial topics of our day. As you think about writing a persuasive essay, consider the importance of this topic and how emotive it can be to discuss both the arguments for and against.

Stem Cell Research Essays (Examples)

Description. A study of written and oral business communication to develop process and theory skills including writing, speaking, listening, business meetings. Stem cell research has been a highly debated topic in our society this year.

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A variety of social, political, ethical and religious viewpoints have been brought to our attention. Many religious groups believe stem cell research is a violation of human rights. When Pope John Paul II addressed /5(13).

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Embryonic stem cell research argument essay
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